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What is cataloging
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A website discussing the development of cataloging, development of the American Library Association (ALA), and the Library Association of the United Kingdom (LAUK). It discusses the rules and codes that the American and British librarians contributed to cataloging.


Cataloging began in 1841 with Panizzi's Code, which is known as the beginning of modern cataloging.  This website discusses the progress of cataloging from 1841 to present.  


Barbara B. Tillett, Ph.D. presents her views on the usefulness of conceptual modeling to determine future directions for cataloging and the MARC format.


A website discussing cataloging, PCIP, SAN, and how to get into a cataloging program. The benefits of cataloging are also discussed.

A discussion of what it takes to catalog an item.

A website on the “how to” of bibliographic records.

Practices of Cataloging

A section of the Annotated Alphabetic List that includes instructions for the correct coordination of main headings and subheadings, and assignment of publication types for cataloging. Also included are instructions for medical catalogers on how to construct the traditional subject heading string no longer used on NLM's internal bibliographic records. The traditional subject heading string is reconstructed on records NLM distributes to bibliographic utilities and other licensees.

School librarians are given a collection of websites to help them catalog websites, catalog books, and research cataloging policies.

The Cataloguer’s Toolbox contains access to cataloging tools by activities, format and tools. It also has access to resources from other internet hosts from around the world.

A document that provides cataloguers the best practices to follow when cataloging.  It also has access to the latest cataloging practices.